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The site where individuals and businesses can find customs brokers from all over the world to ensure that their goods pass through customs in a correct, fast and safe way.

By hiring a customs broker to help with your international business, you can save money, time and problems along the way.

If you have a company and want to establish yourself in a new market in a new country or in a new continent, you will find companies represented on tullombud.nu that will help you with laws, regulations and permits in the country you plan to establish. As well as customs brokers.

Click on each country in the menu to find a customs broker in the country you need a customs agent. The page is continuously updated with more companies offering customs services.

customs broker

Examples of what a customs agent can help you with

  • Import declaration
  • Export declaration
  • Transit
  • Counselling
  • Calculate customs duties
  • Certificates of origin
  • Commodity code classification

For customs brokers or companies offering customs services.

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