Tullombud.nu is a site and domain owned by Felda Logistics AB.

The purpose of the site is to offer service companies in customs and international trade to be seen and reach potential customers and partners.

Furthermore, the purpose of the site is to help individuals and companies find companies that offer the services they are looking for in their respective countries.

The goal of tullombud.nu is to make it easier for companies and people to do business with foreign companies.

For those who need help with customs clearance, export declaration, import declaration or advice regarding your or your company's foreign trade. Here you can find a customs broker.

At tullombud.nu, we have gathered various companies that offer exactly the help you or your company is looking for. Sorted by the countries where they are registered and have their operations. Get the help of an expert on their country's customs rules and procedures.

With a good customs agent who helps with your customs matters, you can save both time and money

For you as a company, you can find future partners and customers.

By bringing together customs agents and companies that operate in international trade, other companies in the same industry can find collaborations and help in the receiving or sending country so that you can help your customer with the entire flow

By being visible on customs agent.se, you gain exposure to future potential customers. People and companies who visit tullombud.nu from all over the world see your company and the services you offer.We help you drive traffic to your website and get valuable leads.